Castaway Family Portrait

Two years ago, I shot Ian & Nari's wedding and recently they returned -- this time with their entire family! How do you style and shoot an entire family of 8 while incorporating some of the island scenery? Well if you're me, you dress them up like the famous characters from Gilligan's Island! The thought of doing something out-of-the-ordinary was really encouraged by the super fun family.

From Gilligan and Skipper to Mr. & Mrs. Howell, everyone really got into their characters which made for a fun shoot in Kona.

Afterwards, everyone redressed as themselves and they posed in front of the lovely house they were staying at.

New Wang Chungs Trading Cards

Wang Chungs is the coolest Karaoke bar in Waikiki and for the last three years I've been shooting their business cards. They're not your typical business cards -- In keeping with the fun brand we decided from the beginning to make the business cards into trading cards. Each bartender has their own trading card, complete with character stats. If you collect all the cards, you get some cool prizes, but due to their popularity, they have become very rare.

Above are the two newest bartenders and their action characters. Below are the "classic" cards from the first edition.

If you're ever in Waikiki, stop by and enjoy some kick-ass karaoke.

Collaboration with CURATE Decor + Design

An exciting collaboration with local designers at CURATE to celebrate equality and showcase a chic wedding setup. This advertorial features real life couple Mel & Kalani who have been together for 10 years and have raised 2 children. The advertorial also features some stylish ceramic trophies filled with cupcakes, an elegant and graphic backdrop and a beautiful cake created by A Baked Romance