Abstract Magazine Editorial on Collaboration


I shot these images for Abstract Magazine's "Collaboration" issue. The article was a very conceptual one, so the images were designed to be just as conceptual. To illustrate the theme of collaboration towards a common goal, chess pieces were selected. They are visual and because of their identifiable shapes, it's easy to see understand how every piece has its own "role" to play in the grand scheme of it all.

Why the shocking color?

Well, keeping the pieces in black and white would have conjured up so many subjective thoughts -- "oh, the black pieces must be the 'bad guys'" -- I didn't want it to be misinterpreted as an image about race, power or good-vs-evil. So to avoid any preconceived notions, I changed it to colors that could not possibly be confused: neon orange.

Unfortunately the designer decided to change the images to black-and-white in the final layout of the magazine, therefore negating all the thought that went into it. Womp womp.

So here are the original images as I had intended them to be seen.