Zombies ... how romantic!


Jane Austen's Zombie Apocalypse -- it's Sense and Sensibility meets Dawn of the Dead! We shot the promotional photos for this fantastic new show by our friends in On the Spot Improv and we are so excited to see it! We are attending the preview night tonight, but you should get your tickets while you can because this is one unique show you don't want to miss!

Get your tickets here!

8:00pm on June 22-23 & 28-30 and on June 23 and July 1 at 4:00pm at The ARTS at Marks Garage. Tickets are $20 general and $15 for students The ARTS at Marks Garage This hybrid improvised/scripted full-length 2-act play is set in the world of Jane Austen with all the gore, suspense and effects of a zombie thriller. Jane Austen Zombie Apocalypse will combine the classic literary works of Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, and Emma), mashed up with the classic horror flicks of zombie filmmaker George Romero (Night of the living Dead, Day of the Dead, and Diary of the Dead).

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