Go to this: Screening at Turtle Bay Resort

We have two big announcements! The first is about an awesome marathon of films by our friend, award-winning filmmaker Dane Neves. The location will be at the brand new Surfer, The Bar at the Turtle Bay Resort. The program starts at 6:30pm, doors open at 6pm.

Admission is FREE.
The films that will be presented are:

  • COTTON COOL (2006, 10 min) - Two teddy bears vie for the affection of their teenaged owner. 
  • THE MONKEYBOY FEVER (2007, 15 min) - On the eve of his senior prom, a boy is bitten by a monkey and transforms into a primate overnight. This was my ACM thesis film that won the Oceanic Cable VOD Viewer's Choice Award at HIFF 2007.
  • THE GREEN TIE AFFAIR (2010, 13 min) - A musical featuring the voice of Jordan Segundo as a green tie-wearing puppet who is deprived of his identity when people around him begin to copy his fashion style. This film won 6 awards including Best Made-In-Hawaii Film for the Honolulu Weekly's Best Of 2011 issue.
  • GIANT MONSTERS ATTACK HAWAII! (2011, 10 min) - Hawaii's answer to one of Hollywood's most distinguished film concepts with a family friendly twist: it is told through the point of view of an unqualified giant monster on rampage in Waikiki. Check out the trailer for Giant Monsters Attack Hawaii -- voiced by our friend the singing comedian Grant Uchida.

These are all family-friendly short films and there will be Q&A sessions.
Please come out and support local films!

The other big announcement is that I (Cheyne) have been hired as the Production Designer for Dane's upcoming new film "Poison Apple", the classic Snow White tale -- but with a twist! This is a very exciting collaboration and we can't wait to combine our powers! :D