Honoring the Past, Firebird Style!

You remember our good friends Aki + Arlene right? Well, they're happily married and are now expecting their first child! They booked us to do a special shoot: they asked us to re-create a photo of Aki's grandparents.

Armed with the photo you see below, I shopped for wardrobe to closely resemble the grandparents. The tie Aki is using in the photo is actually his grandfather's tie, which he inherited after he passed away.

My hair & makeup artist Gigi transformed Arlene and even geeked up Aki's hair a bit.

If there ever was a shoot that embodied what Firebird Photography was all about, this would be it! We don't try to replace the past, but honor it in our own special way.

Special thanks to Miss Catwings for letting us borrow her car for the shot and to Michiko my intern for helping to keep things running smoothly!


Watch a special behind the scenes video here!