Inspirations: Jantzen

As part of a new series, I want to share with you the inspiration(s) behind some of my more familiar works.

This series featuring LA model Shane McDonough was inspired by the old Jantzen swimwear line for men. Of course, the outfit Shane is wearing nowhere near as authentic as the original – for that the shorts and shirt would need to be made from the same material – but I think we used a great facsimile. The shirt is actually a silk Hawaiian shirt I bought from an old lady at the flea market. She was a widow selling her husband's old shirts. It's an honor to turn someone's old memories into new ones, in such a fashionable way.

Some interesting trivia about this series:
We were originally going to shoot at the famous pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel, but they were doing major construction as it was all boarded up. We walked a couple blocks until we found the perfect set of palm trees.