Dramatic Lighting Workshop: What To Bring

I got a great question from Keao about what kind of equipment to bring to the lighting workshop, so I decided to answer it here.

The only things you should absolutely bring are: your camera and your willingness to learn. That's it. If you want to bring some speedlights (any model will do) or other lighting gadgets (ringflashes, Gary Fong diffusers, etc.) bring them. They're optional and not required.

This is not a workshop where you'll be encouraged to purchase expensive lights or remote triggers. A large portion of the workshop will be dedicated to learning to light using what you have. That being said, if your only light source is your on-camera flash, I'll show you how to create dramatic light using it.

I'll walk you through how I solve lighting dilemmas creatively, so that if you've got broken equipment or you yourself are broke, you'll still be able to light effectively. It's about using simple equipment and methods to achieve sophisticated results!

If you're curious what's in my lighting kit, check out my often-overlooked FAQ section.

Register online: http://www.RegOnline.com/DramaLight