Welcome to 2011!

Have a kick ass new year!

It's a new year, a chance to do things differently. In addition to streamlining things in-house at Firebird Photography, we'll be striving to reach some goals this year, including:

  1. Get more local press coverage. In 2010, we were featured and interviewed in mainland publications, which is fantastic but we'd love to be a part of more Hawaii-based publications.
  2. Travel more. We have so many fans and potential models sprinkled throughout the continental US – and we'd love to visit them all! An East Coast trip is already in the works...
  3. Do more gallery exhibits. Right now, art galleries are a dying breed in Honolulu. We plan to seek out new venues and partner with them to create original art for display.

What are some of your goals for this year? I hope whatever they are, you strive to do it without regret and make it a kick ass year.