Why Home Movies and Photos Matter So Much

Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you'll appreciate this video. Every year, YouTube user Spoonito's father recorded him and his sister coming down the stairs at Christmas. His father did this for the last 25 years and Spoonito has assembled this montage of the videos in sequence, which is endearing and mindblowing at the same time.

This past Christmas Eve, we did something similar with my mom. We flipped through our old photo albums and looked back on how we aged. Seeing my sister grow, seeing my mom mature and seeing how I evolved as an artist - as told via Polaroids and Kodachrome prints - made me teary-eyed and left me feeling comforted.

You may hate standing around while you parents film you or take photos of you. You may even feel awkward faking that smile or putting on that sweater they make you wear -- but after you get to reflect upon it all and see how you've grown, it is completely worth it. If not for you, then do it for your aging parents or distant relatives who missed out on all of it.