Michael Choy gets the Asian Pop Star treatment!

My friend Michael Choy recently got a rockin’ new hairstyle (courtesy of Salon Blanc). To help commemorate this occassion, I offered to photograph it and preserve its awesomeness.

When I saw the new hairstyle, images of Korean and Japanese pop stars flooded my brain, so I drew inspiration from that. I styled Michael in a very minimalist and monochrome fashion, adding some rock elements like fingerless gloves to give a tougher edge. Oversized neon yellow shades (to hide his eyes from the paparazzi) were thrown in for color. Lens flares were added in to top it all off!

Everyone who has seen the photos has immediately “got” the asian pop star vibe we were going for, which is awesome. See, it pays to be my friend — I’ll make you a star ;)