Go! Retro!

<img src=http://www.miulana.com/photo/images/1979_groupshoot.jpg alt="1979 retro bikini groupshot at Royal Hawaiian hotel">

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a retro swimsuit line made entirely in Hawaii. The 1979 bikini line is designed by German-born designer Suzanna Kuhlemann. The photos were for a feature article that would appear in Go! Airlines' In-Flight magazine It was very big press coverage and I was honored to have been a part of it!
Suzanna's designs are very retro chic and very in-sync with my style of photography, so it was a perfect partnership! Thanks to Suzanna and Go! Airlines, we were able to shoot at the iconic Royal Hawaiian Hotel. It was the perfect backdrop and an oasis for a photographer like me who's used to shooting on sidewalks and public beaches. The space and security of a solid location is such a priceless perk that made me feel like such a hot-shot photographer. It was the biggest photoshoot I've done so far and it was with the help of my amazing team that I not only survived, but got some amazing shots as well!
The models were cast based on not only their beautiful looks, but because of their professional attitude and ease to work with. Some of you eagle-eyed readers may recognize Cade & Rachel from previous shoots, while Mykol and Michelle are both seasoned models who brought just as much professionalism to the project. All of the models shared the same passion to bring the vision to life, which helped a lot. It should also be noted that they're all very brave to be on display in these outfits, having a beautiful body and the nerve to showcase it in public ranks high on the courage scale!
My helpful assistant Jacob provided the support I didn't know I needed. I normally work alone, so umbrellas falling over or memory card changing is normally something I do by routine. Jacob was thoughtful and helped to keep things on schedule.
The fabulous hair & makeup was done by my dependable and dynamic Mishy le Fleur (of Beauty by Mish), who did the hair & makeup for both girls in 2.5 hours, very impressive! She totally understood my vision and also gave both girls unique hairstyles that everyone, including wandering tourists on the hotel ground, raved about!
It was a fantastic and successful shoot and I can't wait to see the photos in print!