El Matador

This series was inspired by the matadors and bullfighters of Spain. I've always admired the beautiful costumes and statuesque poses of the matadors, so I was thrilled to finally start working towards achieving that vision.
The perfect model for the job was Winfield Kelly. Winfield is very professional and though this was our first project together, I knew I could trust him to get the job done. His latin looks combined with his professionalism made Winfield a joy to work with.
Besides my great model, one of the other elements that really sells the idea and completes it is the matador outfit. Built from a variety of thrift store finds (for under $25.00), this budget bullfighter outfit was actually part of a 2-piece dress which probably belonged to some old Filipino lady with an obvious flair for style.
Here's a behind the scenes video on the styling for this shoot:

Hawaii residents should recognize the backdrop as the famous Natatorium, the War Memorial. In it's heyday, the Natatorium was an olympic-sized seawater swimming pool which housed swim meets. This dilapidated structure was recently renovated with the hopes of re-opening it, but it has since been neglected and is in dire need of maintenance again. Unfortunately, the maintenance costs are not in the budget and there is talk of tearing it down. It saddens me to hear of these decisions, but I am very glad to have captured it before its demise. Fans of my work will notice that it's as much about the location as it is about the model. I put lots of thought into where I shoot and I am honored to shoot at famous Hawaii landmarks. It is my way of preserving them forever.