The great stock adventure

Having tackled Food, Fashion, Live Events, Weddings and Family photography, I figured it was time I try my hand at Stock Photography.
I was excited to shoot stock photography because it would be an opportunity to shoot using natural light, which meant I didn't have to lug around any lighting equipment. Boy, was I wrong! Instead of lightstands, we wound up carrying around dozens of props, sunglasses, and my regular assortment of lenses (just in case!). What seemed like a lightweight shoot turned out to be quite a nomadic adventure!
Besides lighting and composition, I also had to remember to shoot a horizontal and a vertical (or landscape and portrait for those in the know) version of each pose. This not only added more time, but took up more space on my memory card that I didn't factor in. By the time we were done with the first location, my memory card (2 GB) was more than half full - and we still had three more locations to go! Needless to say, I was chimping away like crazy!
My models, the talented Brandon Marc Higa and the newcomer to the modeling world Julia Gold, were great sports about it all and humored me with my ridiculous requests to "Back up and walk towards me again, except much slower," or "Look excited, like it's your first time eating Shaved Ice!" They were real troopers -- and they looked great on camera too!
I believe that better planning on my end would have resulted in a more streamlined shoot. Now that I've got my feet wet with stock photography, I'm looking forward to diving back in!