"Everlasting Moments"

Just saw the trailer for a beautiful Swedish movie coming soon, "Everlasting Moments".

 The plot revolves around a woman in an abusive relationship who develops a passion for photography as a means of escape. Truly a beautiful concept which speaks to my soul.

 It's a period film set in the early 1900's which makes it inherently beautiful because of the details. The costume design and locations are all key elements, but none more important than the vintage cameras used throughout. How wonderfully analog they are!

 Freezing time and capturing loved ones as you remember them are something I highly identify with. It saddens me when someone settles for a cell-phone photo of their new grandchild or senior portraits taken with a disposable camera because they can't afford professional photos.

 In reality, you really can't afford not to capture those precious moments. Invest in professional photography, the value definitely outweighs the price tag.