Spam or other?

I just got the weirdest, most random e-mail just now. Here it is in all its badly worded goodness:

Attention Dear ,
 Am by Name Mis (name withheld) , i am a good looking model who needs
to work in your company as a model advert to promote your company
 Here is my stature Fit, I am 1 M .78 Inches.
 I am 20 Year's of Age .
Profession MODEL ADVERT.
Language speaking French and little English speaking.
Please If care to use me in your company product promotion do pls
reply me and tell me what to do ok.
Your's Faithfully.
(name withheld)

Do any of you know if this is another spam phishing attempt or is this a legitimate "model" looking for work? I shudder to think that the future of a 20 year old girl (who loves to insert carriage returns in e-mails apparently) rests in my hands...