Creative Compound

You are looking at the results of a project that is the epitome of fusion. Two things or people combining to form something new. In this case, it was the Okinawan culture of my fabulous model Brandon Marc and my creative styling.
When Brandon and I first discussed our collaboration, it took a very different shape (originally, we were intending to do a collegiate-inspired shoot), but after a meeting of our minds (via long-distance phone), we were able to delve into Brandon's core and bring to focus the things he treasures most.
We kinda knew what we wanted it to look like. But me being me, I wanted to push the creative-envelope and I thank Brandon for being so patient with my creative ventures.
In addition to his quirky outfit, an ammalgamation of a 50's blues singer and an symphony conductor, I created a one-of-a-kind prop: a foamcore Sanshin. This 2-dimensional prop was lovingly crafted by hand the day of the shoot and I can only hope no master Sanshin-maker sees my shoddy workmanship. Brandon was such a great sport as to help where my invisible assistants couldn't: he managed to throw fistfuls of leaves into the air right before assuming his pose. He's got mad skills.
This session will always remind me of the best parts of my job and why I continue to love photography.