Tasty and New

You ever look back at an old sketch or piece of art you created and thought "I can do so much better."? That's exactly what I thought when I unearthed an old food product shot I took for a web design client. Above is the new photo (1st photo) and the old photo (2nd photo) for a comparison.
At the time, I just needed photos period, which is why it was more of a practical exercise than an artistic one. I mean sure, I composed the shot and selected the plate, but I didn't really put much thought into it. That was before I became a Strobist. Now, lighting is integral for any photo I take.
Luckily I just got hired by the same food client to re-take the photos for use on their website during the holidays -- now was my chance to redeem myself. However, since I started doing professional photography I've never done food photography. Needless to say, a lot of thought and planning went into this shoot.
The lighting was warmed up by using a Post-it note. I wanted it to evoke the "just-off-the-stovetop" warmth. The plate was kept simple, allowing the product to pop. The color of the plate, mimicked Ti leaves, which is what traditional Hawaiian meals were served on. Last time I just shot the sausages solo, but this time I prepared rice (local style with Furikake seasoning) alongside it. For some Christmas cheer (and additional color), I added a Poinsetta. I hope the new photos make you hungry because doing this food shoot sure did.
If you're craving creative and colorful food photography, I'm your guy!