Lesson: Get it in writing

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend: Always spell out a photo session's specifics in writing.

I spent a good five hours on a photo shoot (an hour and a half of which was spent waiting for the model to arrive) where the model refused to pay me, claiming that I agreed to do it as trade. She even insulted me by offering to buy the rights to use the photos for $30. Now that she refuses to sign my model release, I can not release the beautiful images from the session. I don't want to tease you, but it was an amazing epic romance tribute session that I designed.
This sad scenario could have been avoided if I had clarified (1) that it was a paid session (2) what she would be getting from me in regards to time and deliverables.
Young photographers out there, take note and succeed where I fail because I'm too nice. Remember that business is business and you should not undersell your talent.