What makes us different?

Firebird Photography is different from other photography studios in a lot of wonderful ways.

We understand the experience is just as important as the finished photo, so we strive to make all of our subjects feel like moviestars. We provide you with concept sketches of your outfits, some poses and storyboard and even consult with hair/makeup to ensure you look your best when you arrive on set.

In addition, we employ a lot of old-hollywood physical effects and cinematic lighting to give our photos a unique hand-crafted look. We shoot all of our images digitally, but process them as though they were shot on film.

Why the fascination with the 50's?

In short, we love the 1950's because it was a time of unflinching optimism. The war had ended and America was moving forward. Technology was progressing and America believed in the future and space travel.

It was also a time of dapper men, fashionably curvy women and wholesome goodness, all things which have become common elements in our photos.

The Firebird Process

Behind the scenes (photos by Michiko Hammond and Chris Kim)

Behind the scenes (photos by Michiko Hammond and Chris Kim)

  1. Each shoot is inspired by you, so our first step is to meet with you and find out who YOU are. We want to know your favorite color, your favorite movie -- anything that encompasses who YOU are.

  2. Next, we sketch and design a shoot using the info you provided. We provide you with a custom sketch to illustrate the "look" of the shoot and helps everyone involved to get on the same wavelength.

  3. Next, we assemble the wardrobe. Our costumes are sourced from various diverse sources and never from the same shop. The custom-styled look is what ensures our looks are never reproduced.

  4. Finally, we shoot and edit the images, which are the fun parts because it's when ideas come to life.